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Welcome to Life Alignment Academy the Netherlands!


What is Life Alignment?

Life Alignment is a healing system developed by Jeff Levin over 30 years ago. It is a refined system of Energy Healing that brings healing and balance on all levels of our being; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The method is very accessible to learn for everyone. Also it is versatile in it's use. It can be applied by professionals to help their clients, but it can also be used for personal growth only. So if you are someone who desires to grow and heal Life Alignment is for you too!


What is the Life Alignment Academy?

The Life Alignment Academy is a new approach to learning the Life Alignment Healing System. It is co-founded by Francesca Chiarmetta in 2014, and she runs the Academy in Italy. Traditionally Life Alignment is learned by following Modules. The Academy has put the different Modules together in a 3 Level Training Program. In three levels you can learn the intricate method of Lige Alignment together with a group of students. 


Why is the LA Academy held in the Netherlands?

The idea to organise the Academy in the Netherlands  is to offer a podium for more people in Europe (and abroad) to join in to learn the Academy style. Francesca Chiarmetta will come to Holland to teach the Academy style in English as opposed to Italian, as is the spoken language in the Italian Academy. This makes for a unique opportunity to learn the Academy style of learning Life Alignment. The Academy also offers a Teacher Training Program for Practitioners who want to become a LA Teacher. As a teacher it is possible to teach Modules as well. After completing the 3 Levels of Teacher Training it is possible to start an Academy in your own country. 


Who is the Academy for?

The program in the Netherlands can be followed by people wanting to learn Life Alignment from scratch for personal or professional use. 

It can be followed by Practitioners who want to become a LA Teacher. 

It can be followed by LA Teachers who are interested in starting an Academy in their own country.