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                                               We are An and Sanne from the Netherlands. We organise all the practical things in Holland                                                    regarding the international platform of the Life Alignment Academy. 

                                               Both of us have been working with life Alignment for over 5 years now and have followed up                                                  to Module 6.
                                               Before going to Italy to attend the Module 6 workshop, Sanne realised the time was right for                                                  her to look into a Teacher Training course. When she was in Italy and spoke with Francesca                                                      about the Academy style of learning -and teaching Life Alignment she immediatly felt                                                              inspired. Back home she called An, in the hope she would be willing to join her on a couple                                                    of trips to Italy. An too, felt inspired by what the Academy form of teaching offers people.

We took a couple of days to decide if we were willing to commit to this path, but the energy felt so good it was quite obvious: we were on board! When we got back into contact with Francesca to discuss the possibilities we needed a couple of zoomcalls to come to the idea of an international platform in The Netherlands. Instead of us flying over to Italy and hire an interpreter, the idea grew into that which we proudly present to you here on this website. Why not let other people have a chance to learn the Academy in English as well!? Why not organise an international platform where everybody can join and where we can grow together. We hope this initiative brings forth more Academies in different countries and with that, help Life Alignment get more grounding in the world. 


We would like to share with you why we feel so inspired by the Academy style. We believe the three levels give a clear overview of the program and therefor provide a structured bedding for students. We would love to share the amazing qualities of Life Alignment with other people in such a structure, where we are able to, not only teach students the practical parts of the system, but also guide students thoroughly on their personal healing journey. By seeing each other on a regular base this will enhance the group bonding. There will be a lot of time for students to practice together and ask questions. For us, it feels very important to be able to offer this to our future students who are going to learn this life changing healing system. 

The energy on this project has been very strong and we feel deeply blessed and grateful for Life Alignment for everything it has opened up for us. So a big shout out to Jeff who has made this all possible for all of us! Thank you dear Jeff!


We are looking forward to working with you.

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to connect with us.


Much love! An and Sanne

For who is Life Alignment?


  • If you want to own powerful and safe healing tools to support your own wellbeing as well as that of your loved ones?

  • If you have you been looking for a profound training program to become a professional in energy healing and help others?

  • Or, if you already are an established professional and you are seeking additional skills with effective, unique and easy-to-learn techniques?       


                         We warmly welcome you! 

We are happy to announce that the Life Alignment Academy program will start in January 2020 in the Netherlands! It is our honor to have the co-founder of the Academy,  Francesca Chiarmetta, as our guest in our small country, where she will be teaching all 3 levels of the Academy in English.

This means it is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to learn Life Alignment Academy style, but also for Life Alignment students - practitioners - and teachers throughout the world to sign up and join us in the "Low Countries"!

We put out the intent for a co-creating atmosphere where we can learn and grow together, helping each other connect to our potential and higher self! 

  Who is the Life Alignment Academy for?​    

  • Students to learn the Life Alignment healing system!

  • Practitioners to follow the Teacher Training Program (module- and Academy style)!

  • Teachers can learn the Academy style and bring it home to their own country!​



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