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 Content of the Life Alignment Academy

The Life Alignment Academy training program is built on 3 Levels. Its program includes training, supervision and lots of practice. 

LEVEL 1: 12 days over three 4-day workshops 


Learn the self-healing foundation techniques and use the System on yourself and family.

  • General introduction to the Life Alignment system and the training program

  • Deepen your knowledge of (self) healing and connecting with the healingfield

  • Facilitate a healing proces for yourself and others, also long distance

  • Energetically protect yourself and the environment you live and work in

  • Test and raise the energy level/vibrational frequency of foods, drinks, medicine, supplements etc

  • Use the pendulum and muscle test to know with precision the need of the body

  • Supervision: witness sessions in small groups with students and tutor

  • You will acquire the knowledge of energy body points and learn how to bring them back into balance

LEVEL 2: 16 days over four 4-day workshops 

Learn to integrate the emotional process in your healing procedure to deepen the transformative journey of yourself and others.​​   

LEVEL 3: 16 days over four 4 day workshops 

Graduate and become as a Life Alignment practitioner, refining your personal qualities and professional abilities. ​​

                                            ADDITIONAL ADVANTAGES!

In addition to this you will enjoy lots of practice, time for feedback, group discussions, Q&A and deepening of the teachings. There will be regular group balances and introspective games, movement and lots of fun! 

You will enjoy free acces to the LA Academy video platform with tutorial videos to support your learning process of Body points and procedures. And to the LA Academy Forum for sharing within your group of Students and Tutors.

On your beautiful healing journey you will be personaly supported by a Tutor throughout your entire program, during class as well as when you are at home. 

                                        TRIPLE GUARANTEE of the Life Alignment Academy   

Guarantee 1: Quality 

Every single element of this program has been carefully designed and structured as to optimise the best method of learning this technique. We ensure the maximum level of quality of teaching and we make sure you are taken care of during your personal journey of healing. We guide you, step by step and guarantee you will have an excellent level of preparation. This is possible thanks to a limited number of students for each class and the support of your personal tutor throughout the proces.

Guarantee 2:  Transformation 

You will start to notice transformation almost immediately. In the weeks to come you will realise more and more the evolutionary changes happening in your life. Our mission and passion is to help you achieve these results and we are going to do everything possible to support your succes. 

Guarantee 3: Long-lasting change  

The teachings included in this program will bring new energy in every aspect of your life and you will discover a new level of healing, growth and transformation.

 We firmly believe that this training offers the connection with your Soul you are longing for!

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